Board Members

Sue Keema – Chairperson, Associate Superintendent Educational Services, Carson City School District

Debra Biersdorff- Office of Academics, Chief Academic Officer, Washoe County School District

Barbara Barker – Master Teacher, Sparks Middle School, Washoe County School District

Dave Brancamp – Director of Standards and Instruction Support,  NV Department of Education

Dr. Melissa Burnham – Associate Dean, College of Education, University of Nevada, Reno

Rommy Cronin – Director of Curriculum and Instruction/Master Teacher, Douglas County School District

Jim Gianotti – Director of Elementary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Lyon County School District

Kirsten Gleissner – Director, Northwest Regional Professional Development Program

Kimi Melendy – Director of Educational Services, Churchill County School District

Pam Mills – Administrative Assistant, Northwest Regional Professional Development Prog

Jamie Nerska – Secondary Literacy Master Teacher, Douglas County School District

Kari Prior – Implementation Specialist, Carson County School District

Dr. Sandra Sheldon – Superintendent, Churchill County School District

Todd Hess – Superintendent, Storey County School District

Karen Staffen – Master Teacher, Storey County School District

Amber Westmoreland-Professional Development and Data Manager, Lyon County School District

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