Standard 3

Standard 3 Workshop PPT

Lit Review Standard 3

Key Ideas from Theory & Research Standard 3

THLIS Standard 3 Rubric

DOK Levels Wheel

Article-How Rich Is Your Classroom Discourse_

Facilitator Guide – Making Claims from Evidence

Article-Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse to Enhance Student Learning

Article-Procedures for Classroom Talk

Article-Talking to Learn

Article-12 Steps to Get Students Talking

Edutopia Groupwork Roles

Article-Four Steps to Structured Student Conversation

Language of Learning Poster

Article-Making Cooperative Learning Powerful

Article-Reading Moves-What Not to Do

Article-Research Says_ Which Strategy Works Best_

Article-Show and Tell-A Video Column_ Conversational Moves

Article-Why Talk is Important in Classrooms

Example Talk Task Planning Template

Talk Task Planning Template

LEGO Listening Roles for Discussion

From Mindless to Meaningful…Jigsaw Article 3

group formations descriptions and pics

Standard 3 Video Links